Eric John
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Duluth, Minnesota
Eric O’Connell began studying and playing classical guitar at the age of eight. He was a determined student and soon impressed those around him with his skill and natural talent. As he continued to study with teachers in the Twin Cities and San Francisco, he had the opportunity to perform in various venues.
In his early twenties, Eric’s music took a new
turn. He bought a Gurian, steel-string guitar
and began experimenting with flat picking,
bluegrass, and folk. He performed with his
friend, Paul Cofell, in central Minnesota.
Soon after, he was inspired to try writing in earnest. He now considers his early work, “a bit rough.”  In time, though, songwriting became an avenue of reflecting on the people and events of life. He was asked to write a tune for a peace rally, and “Not a Breath of Wind” was the result. He has composed and played music for friends and family at weddings – “Over the Moon,” and “She’ll Call it Love,”  are examples. “Flowers on the Mountainside” was written to give thanks for the career of one of his mentors. In the Twin Cities, he performed “I Needed Shoes” on a variety of occasions as an advocate for children.  
For the most part, Eric’s music is a response to people he meets – with poignant life stories. “Jenna’s World,” “Tracy,” “Take this Frail Life,” and “Listen to the Songbirds” are all examples. And then there are songs that just state what is happening – “Still the Same,” “Cotton Sky,” “Where Have I Been?” to name a few. Music has formed the backdrop of a busy and productive life – working and raising two kids. As he writes in The Hammer and the Sea, “This is the soundtrack of my life, songs you have given to me.  This is the background of your life the music, the hammer, and the sea.”
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