Eric John O’Connell 
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Eric O’Connell is a songwriter and musician from Duluth, Minnesota. Eric moved to the north country to spend more time working creatively and enjoying the natural surroundings.  
Eric is currently working on marketing his songs, producing a new album, and hopes to soon have some songs produced by other artists.  
When asked why he is a songwriter, Eric says, “I was reading a magazine and came across an interview with John Hiatt which I taped to the back of my guitar. He says he always feels the same way when he starts to write a new song: ‘It's like I've never written one before, I don't have any idea how to do it, and I'm not particularly comfortable with the idea of having to. And it's not necessarily a pleasant experience. You just gotta do it...You just have to sit down with a guitar and play and try and get something going.’ That about sums it up for me." (Acoustic Guitar, October 2008)  
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